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    Publishing App does not show the refreshed version as it does on the desktop where it was developed.

    Walter Coleman

      After multiple iterations correcting the app with development now completed and all visuals and numbers have been checked, I re-published the app to the hub for maybe the 6th time.

      What i can't understand is that a few KPI objects and their resulting numbers that are fixed on the desktop and show correctly did not show in the hub. The old KPI values are still showing the incorrect numbers from the prior published version.

      In a desperate attempt to correct it, I removed the published app in the QMC and re-published. I did this a number of times and even changed the name and still the refreshed publish app appears to not have happened showing the old KPI numbers.

      We are at Sense version 2.2.4, have a central and rim node defined and we even copied over the app manually from the central to the rim node thinking there might be a sync issue.... nothing?


      Any ideas anyone?