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    Qlik Sense Server - Automating loads from local desktop files

    Bryan Duffy

      Hi all,


      Reasonably new to Qlik Sense and currently running Qlik Sense Server 3.0. One issue I am struggling with is allowing my Qlik users to access local files on their machines.


      When I am trying to add files from a folder it bring me to the server folder directory. It would appear the only way that I can add a local file is through the 'Attach Files'  and when the script is generated the from statement is simply FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/abc.csv]. So if somebody has a scenario whereby they want to load a new file every day from the same location that it can't be done locally and it will need files to be FTP'd across to the server.


      Surely this isn't the case and I am just missing something simple????


      Any help much appreciated.