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    QlikView Licenses


      1. When a customer buys QV SBS/ QV Enterprise do they automatically get some CALs or do they have to buy CALs separately?

      2. Is the personal edition stable enough to be used in a production environment? Is it intended for production use in the first place? Or is it just for prospects to play around with and then finally decide on a higher edition?

      3. To keep costs low for customers, can a qlikview partner just give the personal edition and charge for services alone (for developing qv apps on a single desktop having the personal edtion)? There are so many 'mom-and-pop' businesses that would love to have this setup...probably will cost less than 10K....In this case, QlikTech does not stand to gain monetarily (of course, it gains an installed base). Is this even allowed?



        • QlikView Licenses
          Rob Wunderlich

          I believe any server purchase, SBS or Enterprise, comes with some base number of CALs, although I don't know the numbers offhand. For that you may need to speak with your local Qliktech sales office.

          Personal Edition is as stable as Qlikview Developer. It is exactly the same code, the only difference is the license. Developer allows you to create documents that will be shared with other users. Documents created with PE are intended for use only by the PE user that created the document and the licensing mechanism enforces that policy. The rules are:

          - A PE created document may not be opened by a different PE user.
          - A PE created document may be opened by a licensed user.
          - A document saved by a licensed user may not be opened by a PE user. An exception is that Qliktech has the ability to PE enable a licensed document, for example the demo documents provided by Qliktech.

          So no, a Qlikview Partner may not create documents and deliver those documents to a customer who uses only PE.

          Hope that helps.