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    How to group data as ranges on x-axis?


      Hi All,

      I'm new to QlickView and was wonderiing if anyone can help with a query of mine.. (I have attached an example for reference)

      To illustrate I have the following load command:











      LOAD *
      INLINE [
      Revenue, Days,
      10, 1
      9, 2,
      10, 3,
      6, 4,
      5, 5,
      6, 6

      Now I've generated the a graph with Revenue as a dimension and created an expression that counts the frequency of Revenue to Days.

      Is there a way to group the data into ranges? so for example, instead of having 5,6,9,10, I can group it into 5-6 and 9-10 and also sum up the frequency in these ranges?

      Any help would be appreciated.