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    How to publish dashboards on different websites?

    s Walter



      i want to show my dashboards online on a website. The final dashboards from app A should only show to Person A, The final dashboards from app B should only show for Person B etc. The people have no Qlik Sense, only a webbrowser.


      1. I think i need Qlik Sense Enterprise edition for it?
      2. Wich license? 1 Token?
      3. Then i get a Qlik Sense server adress and can work direct on the server and create apps with different dashboards?
      4. Each App and their dashboards have an own url?


      Now i can tell person A the url for app A and person B the url for app B and person B have no chance to navigate accidentally to the url from dashboard A (only person B tell him the url)? Or its easy to try urls and find other dashboards, because the urls have an easy structure...?


      Can i make a url rewriting to use my own domain? For example the user visit www.my-domain.de/url-a/ and internaly a .htaccess call the Qlik Sense url.


      Can i set, if the user have a possibillity to change something or not, only select filter fields and bookmarks?




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          Lakshmikandh Karthikeyan

          Hi Walter,


          When you get Qlik enterprise license and get tokens of each of the users, you can create multiple apps and publish it to different streams(like groups) and give user based rights to streams to govern the security.


          When a user log in on Qlik sense what he gets is called Hub, where all the apps and streams based on the security gets visible for him. QMC ( Qlik Management Console ) is enough to do on this , you dont need to do these things manually.


          Hope this helps