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      When creating an account with Qlikview - we use a company email id to register. How to change the registered login email information when the person is no longer with that company.

      Eg: when registering - the person used xyz@company1.com. but now the person moved to another company company2. So any communication of qlikview goes to the company1.com email. How do i change my email id registered to a new email address?

      Let me know.


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          Mike Garciam


          1. Click Edit:


          2. Go to the 'Site Options' Tab


          3. Go to Email Configurtion and change your email.




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              Thanks for your reply.

              I tried the steps - and it allows me to change the email.
              But then when i click on reset password in the login page, qlikview still sends the password to the old company.
              Shouldn't I be getting the mails to my new email that i set (as shown above in your screenshots)?

              Let me know regarding this.
              I have changed my employer and I would like to get my mails to my new employer / work id rather than the old one.