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    Merging in qlik sense

    deepak tibhe

      Hi All,


      I have question as per below,


      Suppose i am user 1 , i have created 6 sheets of 1 app.in same manner user 2 has created 6 sheets differently.

      When ever user can create the app in hub in QMC we can able to view that app under respective user's name


      If  i want to  merge both app into 1 only changing owner of 1 app n copy pasting of sheets is only 1 option or is there any other way.



      Please  suggest.




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          Shraddha Gajare

          As per my understanding there is no other way than copy pasting of objects.

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            Lakshmikandh Karthikeyan

            Hi Deepak,


            If you have published the App and it had 4 base sheets, and when User1 duplicates it and creates 4+2(his sheets in personal space) and User2 duplicates it and creates 4+3(his sheets in personal space). If you want 4 base sheets + (User1 - 2 sheets and User2 - 3 sheets ) totally 9 sheets into an app then there is a way to do this.


            Consider you are a Adminuser, Go to the App objects in the QMC and find all the 9 personilaized sheets done by User1 and User2 and change the  owner name it your name. So now all the Sheets will show in app when you launch the app in Hub under my sheets for Admin user.


            Now  you have all sheets consolidated at one place you can publish all the sheets under adminuser.


            Hope this helps.