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    Autogenerating table values based on null values

      I am producing a report on data generated from a CRM system that logs enquiries for an IT help desk.

      An enquiry can be opened or closed; And therefore can have a "status" of 0 or 1. However a bug in the CRM system has allowed a few enquiries to have a "ClosedDate" as well as a "status" of 0 which indicates that they are opened. I cannot do anything about the bug! So to work around this problem I was considering Autogenerating a table with a single row for every enquiry in the main table, and if the "CLOSEDDATE" field is Null in that table, have the status in the AutoGenerated table set to open, otherwise have it set to closed.

      In my head this makes sense and I think it should be a fairly straight forward task.

      Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about this!

      Can anyone point me to any tutorials or give me any tips on how to achieve this.

      Barry K