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    Creating Summary table in qliksense using Script

    Supriya R



      i have a table called BankMetrics where column's are


      BankID,BankName,BankBranch,BankSubBranch,BankStartDate,BankEndDate,BankIntialAmount ,BankAccountAmount,  BankSafeAmount



      My requirement is to create a single summary table in qliksense script, where it contains data column like


      1.)sum(BankIntialAmount)  for PreviousMonth for each BankID

      2.)sum(BankIntialAmount)  for CurrentMonth for each BankID

      2.)sum(BankSafeAmount)  for CurrentMonth for each BankID

      Here for PreviousMonth  and CurrentMonth date we can get from BankStartDate and BankEndDate.

      How could i do this? Any idea or Suggestion is most welcomed

      Please help me on this.