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    Get data into Salesforce from Qlikview



      I want to load data into Salesforce from Qlikview. Is these any way for this connection?


      As per my research "Qlikview SalesForce Connector" load data from SalesForce CRM directly into Qlik’s in-memory data model.




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          Philip Lim

          I am using:




          Once installed you will see it appear on the "database connect" options in the "edit script" page as shown below:




               When you hit the connect or select button simply fill in your authentication details:




          A window should then appear allowing you to select objects and fields:




          This will then insert the required code into your script window eg:


                    SELECT LastName,




                    FROM Account;



          Good luck!

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            Anton Wibowo

            Hi Dhaval,


            It's been over a month since you posted this question. Does Phillip's respond help you from getting data into SalesForce? If it does, would you mind marking it as correct answer? It would help others who's looking for similar info.


            I may also add, you need to have the right privilege of the SalesForce credentials to connect to and to pull those tables (This needs to be setup on SalesForce side, perhaps by SalesForce Admin within your firm).


            Best regards,