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    Copying Objects app-to-app in Qlik Sense Works Intermittently.   How do you make it reliable?

    Dave Bower

      We're working a large project with sheets created or modified by multiple developers using Qlik Sense 3.0.1.  Managing the overall configuration is fairly complex, but entails consolidating sheets and objects into 'production' apps.  In Qlik Sense, we are not able to copy sheets between apps (which would be the best and by far most efficient approach).  So, we copy object-by-object from one app to another.


      Copying and pasting objects app-to-app has turned out to be a challenge.  Either using right-click 'Copy'  and then 'Paste' or Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v

      Works some of the time.  However, after 1-3 copy/paste operations, the copy buffer no longer refreshes.  The same object is 'locked', and regardless of how many times you revisit the source sheet, select the new object you want to copy/paste and Ctrl-c, and then go to the target sheet and Ctrl-v, the last object successfully pasted will be re-pasted.  In some cases, the copy/paste buffer can be refreshed by refreshing the target sheet, and sometimes by refreshing the source and target sheet.  But sometime the only remedy seems to be to exit the browser entirely and re-load everything.


      Given the scope of the project, this failure to perform a simple copy/paste is frustrating and wasting lots of time.   In a couple of cases it's resulted in production errors, as the fact that the same object has been pasted multiple times was not caught.


      Using Internet Explorer 11 organization-wide.


      I've tried clearing the clipboard buffer by typing cmd /c “echo off | clip” without result.


      Any way to make the copy/paste reliable?