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    Expression to use for 'Comparable' Locations

    Mike Sawyer

      Good Morning!


      I load data for each of our locations that contains sales performance.  It is structured like this:


      Unit #     

      Current Year Sales ("CY TP 13")   

      Year Ago Sales   ("PY TP 13") 


      From there, I use the following formula to highlight % Change Vs Ya


      AVG ([CY TP 13])/avg([PY TP 13])-1


      The problem is, I need to create a chart (perhaps a TreeMap), that only displays the data of 'comparable' locations, since some locations that are reporting sales this year weren't open last year, distorting the % change statistic.  In other words, I want to calculate locations where PY TP 13>0.


      In my example, what would the expression be in the expression editor?


      Thanks for any help that can be provided?