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    SQL Server connection issues


      I'm trying to get this simple load to work and no data is returned:


      CONNECT TO [connectionstring];

      LOAD Email;
      SQL SELECT *
      FROM hotleadSQL.dbo.EventData;

      The connection tests fine, but when I try to preview, no rows are returned and when I reload, it completes with no errors, but no data is returned.



        • SQL Server connection issues
          Steve Dark

          Hi there,

          The code looks fine at first glance. Have you tried executing the query directly against the SQL server using Management Studio? The LOAD part of the statement will only pull in the Email field, and if that field only ever contains Null then it will appear like no data is available. You could replace Email with * to check all fields.

          In the data model post the load is there an Email field with no rows, or are there simply no tables in the data model?

          Permissions errors can manifest themselves in these kinds of errors - but usually accompanied by an error message.