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    Is this a good method to implement Hierarchy

    John Jackson


      I have 2 qvws named first and second. First is where I have my fact table where I also do the aggregation. Then I am doing a binary load onto second. On the second, I have 3 tabs with 2 objects each. The 2 objects per page are supposed to be “filterable” by Dir, Mgr & Staff respectively. I have 2 data sets defined by Date 1/31/2016 & 2/28/2016. Let us remain with 1/31/2016 in this sample. When you select 1/31/2016 and then ‘Tom’ under Dir, Label 1 and Label 2 (the 2 objects) are supposed to filter the metrics/data associated with Tom. It also should associate corresponding Mgrs in the Mgr tab:- John & Chris. If you select John, Label 1 object shows the metrics and Label 2 has no data to display. Meanwhile on Staff tab, Personnel 2 is associated as shown by Staff List Box. So it seems to be doing what I need it to but I thought a better way would be to use Hierarchy function.


      Here is my main Question: I am using combination key ‘’ Group”- “Prime Key” in each level/hierarchical data:-----Dir, Mgr, Staff to link with fact table which is loaded on the qvw which I binary load on the second qvw (the binary load is a requirement and can not be removed as part of representing the actual application). Is this a proper way?

      Many Thanks,

      p.s. attached QVWs and Excel Files.