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    Week on week Calculation

    Ishan Bansal

      Hi Experts,


      I have a situation where i have to calculate WOW


      It is fine if the week falls in the same year but lets say week is 1 and last week will be max of week of last year.

      Not getting the solution for the same. Can you please suggest


      (Sum({<WEEK = {$(=Max({<Year={$(=MAX(Year))}>} WEEK))}, Year = {$(=MAX(Year))}>} M_COUNT_WEEK) -

      Sum({<WEEK = {$(=Max({<Year={$(=MAX(Year))}>} WEEK - 1))}, Year = {$(=MAX(Year))}>} M_COUNT_WEEK)) /

      Sum({<WEEK = {$(=Max({<Year={$(=MAX(Year))}>} WEEK - 1))}, Year = {$(=MAX(Year))}>} M_COUNT_WEEK)