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    How do I exclude certain objects when counting in an expression?



      I am new to QlikView so please be patient with me. I may not use the correct terminology for things. [:)]

      I would like to make an expression that counts each object in a field that have a connection to another field.

      To clarify I can explain the scenario:
      I have a field containing invoices (or rather their IDs). An invoice can have two different types (purchase or sales), but lack a field separating the two. However, I can see wether an invoice is connected to a purchase or a sale by looking at the fields of those objects.

      I simply want to count all the invoices that ONLY are connected to sales, and exclude the purchase invoices. For example:

      **** count (InvoiceID, if (PurchaseID is unavailable) ****


      I appreciate any help I can get, even if it's just a tip on where I can find this kind of information.