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    Bookmarks Missing

      We are facing issues with Bookmarks not showing up for users,though it shows up in Shared File Viewer tool.


      *Recently we have changed the name of the QVW and deployed it in production for a day,but soon realized that the Bookmarks can go for a toss,so changed back to the old name.


      Tried using Sever object handler to reassign the bookmarks to the same user,but that didnt help.


      Any thoughts to get back the bookmarks.

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          Just found out that,all those Server Objects/BM's showing up in the Server Object Handler tool and QMC's are the '$LastKnownState' BM's,which I think are temporary selections made by respective users before exiting the application which gets over written during each session

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            Jeremy Kofoot

            If you changed the name of the app you also need to change the name of the .shared file that goes along with the app. If you don't do that then the bookmarks that users create won't be available.  All bookmarks are stored in the .shared file, so if you ever rename a file and want to retain the bookmarks make sure you change the name of the .shared file as well.