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    Nprinting Job Monitoring - How to cancel or stop a job?

    Mike Czerwonky



      I have started doing a lot more administration lately.  We have Nprinting version 16 using both schedules and on demand jobs.  In the development process lately, we have had some on demand jobs that get erroneously started.  These are jobs that could possibly take hours to run and we do not want to tie up our server and the jobs in schedule.


      My question is how to stop or cancel an On Demand Job once it is sent to the Nprinting Server.  My only way of monitoring the job is to open the log file and look at it.


      I have tried stopping the service and that does not do anything.  The job continues to run until it is done.  We have even had a couple jobs that took days to complete.  The server is also a Development QV server, so it is challenging to reboot when these mistakes happen.


      Anyone have a solution?


      Also, if you have updated to version 17, is there a better monitoring tool in version 17 and also a way to cancel jobs from a queue?