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    Problem Operation with Variables

    Iñigo Elviro Bodoy



      I have a problem with the calcul of two variables in a chart:


      V1= Sum({<Linea={"1"}, Codes={"*"}-{"1","20","24","31"}>} Quantity)/60

      V2=Count (distinct {<Linea={"1"},Codes={"*"}>}Clave)-Sum ({<Linea={"1"},Codes={"1","20","24","31"}>} Quantity/60)/480


      When I calcul in one expresion in a chart:




      the memory is exceded in the chart.


      The problem is the operation with 480.


      When I take out 480, the expression calcul something.


      I am interested to make work the expression.


      Please, one solution...