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    When Dimension is selectively shown in chart



      We are facing one issue in chart(all types) that when a dimension is shown selectively in the chart, and we select a value for that dimension, again selecting the same value doesn't show all dimension values that is it doesn't restore the previous state.

      Suppose a dimension in the pie chart is shown selectively e.g. dimension to be shown is 'key' and calculated dimension in the chart is something like this.. 'if(<some other column> = 1, key,null())' and supress null values option for this dimension is checked so that null values are not shown in the dimension.

      Whenever a dimension value is selected, the chart gets filtered based on that value. e.g. calculated dimension in the chart is having possible values as 1,2,3 .. 10. Now when I select 1, chart shows values for only dimension 1. But again when I click on 1 the chart does show me all values i.e., 1 to 10.

      Has anybody faced this problem?

      Any pointers on this would be of great help.

      Thanks in advance,

      - Ashish