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    Loading similar txt files with date in the filename

    Przemyslaw Wojtak

      Hi all,


      Can someone advise how to load my stock files I get every month with a date in the filename so that I can analyse changing stock position month-on-month. This is something like below:


      stockinfo-112016.txt              //(for 1st of January 2016)

      stockinfo-122016.txt              //(for 1st of February 2016)

      stockinfo-132016.txt              (etc)







      stockinfo-1102016.txt             //(for 1st of October 2016)


      The thing is that when I only load one of these files I can display data, create charts etc, which is fine, but how to load them all if they are all very similar inside, and the only difference is the stock level against part numbers and perhaps some new parts added.


      Also, a problematic bit is that there is no data column inside, so QlikSense would need to 'extract' data information from the file name. Obviously all these files have exactly the same column names inside, so how to ensure Qlike does not get lost when creating associations? Pbbly these are many questions in one thread, but reall don't know where to start. Thanks in advance. Przem.