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    AGGR function with multiple dimensions

    Herbert van Hoogdalem

      Hi all,


      There is something I just don't get about a certain AGGR expression I am using.


      Consider the following pivot-table:



      I use the COUNT(EMPLID) expression to get a simple line count.

      I use 3 dimensions, Onderwerp SchooljaarExamen and CijferCategorie.

      It works perfectly.


      I am however more interested in the relative amount per Onderwerp/Schooljaar so I need the total per schooljaar per onderwerp

      Like this:


      As you can see it totals the amount per year nicely per onderwerp.


      Ok, the standard solution is to use an aggr function to aggregate the same result.

      Like this:



      Which yield exactly the same table.


      Almost there I thought, now I just have to reintroduce the CijferCategorie-dimension, and it should (imho) yield the same totals. If that works I can use the AGGR expression in the first table.

      But then I get this:


      The totals pop up in totally unpredictable fields. Dimensions partially disappear...

      Even if I change the expression to =AGGR(COUNT( EMPLID), SchooljaarExamen, Cijfercategorie, Onderwerp) I get the same result.

      I just don't get what's happening here.


      The questions:


      1. Can I get it to work using this train of thought?

      2. Or is there perhaps an easier way to change the numbers in the first table to relative per year/cijfercategorie