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    Export a sheet with an vbs file from API


      I am using this vbs code to export the entire sheet to an bmp image

      CONST QvDoc = "C:\DoImageExport2.qvw"
      CONST QvObj = "SH01"
      CONST ImagePath = "C:\MyExportedImage2.bmp"
      Call DoImageExport(QvDoc, QvObj, ImagePath)
      Sub DoImageExport(QvDoc, QvObj, ImagePath)
      Set objQvApp = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")
      Set objQvDoc = objQvApp.OpenDoc(QvDoc)
      Set objQvObj = objQvDoc.ActivateSheet(QvObj)
      objQvObj.ExportBitmapToFile ImagePath
      End Sub

      But the image does not contain any data only the sheet and and empty graph. Has anyone an idea ?
      Or does anyone have an working vbs API example to export an sheet with objects and data on it ?

      I want to use the function in qv under File-> Export -> Export Sheet Image

      thanx for any replies
      (I am using QV 9.00.7440.8 SR3 64-bit)

      // Daniel