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    Change graph based on several expressions

      Dear all,


      I have the following dataset.


      LOAD * INLINE [
      40, 12
      39, 14
      38, 16

      I have now created a bar graph with the dimension "CREATED_WEEK" and the following expressions:

      =sum({$<[CREATED_WEEK2] = {38}>} [COUNT]

      =sum({$<[CREATED_WEEK2] = {39}>} [COUNT]

      =sum({$<[CREATED_WEEK2] = {40}>} [COUNT]


      It all works fine and gives my the following (see sample attachment). However I have certain issues:


      - I don't like the colours. Is there a way to change the colours for the different expressions? I tried to change the background colour but couldn't find the option to change the colour. Preferably I would like to highlight the current week and make the others grey.


      - My x-labels are not aligned with the graph. Is there a way to easily align them?