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    Cross-domain Authorisation using one-way trust

    Jason Lyons

      Hi all,  I am in a bit of a bind here with Active Directory authentication.


      I have two separate domains, Domain A.Local and Domain B.com  Domain B has a one-way trust with Domain A (Domain B trusts Domain A, but not vice versa).


      Qlik Sense Enterprise server is in Domain B, and I have created some AD groups (local domain groups) for security rules in Domain B containing Domain A users.  My intention was to use Qlik to authorise Domain A users based on their membership of the Domain B group, which I have done in other web applications that I have developed.


      However in effect this does not appear to work.  The Qlik Sense server does not automatically suggest the groups I created, and the users don't appear to authorise properly.


      How can I get this setup to work properly?