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    Impala based app online

      I have crated an app on QlikSense desktop version, which load data from Impala connector. But if I try to upload an app an refresh it, then it crashes, because Impala connector is not supported by Cloud version. Could you please help me? How I can publish an app online, share it with my colleagues and schedule refresh time? 

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Ahha,


          The only way with that Impala data source - at the moment, will be to use Qlik Sense Enterprise Server. (which you would install and setup on premise or in a cloud host like Rackspace, Amazon, VMware, etc)


          Now - with the up and coming Qlik Sense Cloud Business (subscription cost) - you will be able to schedule a daily, weekly, monthly refresh of the data - but that data would still be from web based cloud sources, for example Salesforce - Qlik Data Market, or provided files you upload - at the moment.


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          Mike Tarallo