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    All app object  access except sheets

    Ashutosh Mishra

      I am trying to set up a security rule so that the users can have access to all app objects except sheets. Further, users should only be able to see bookmarks, stories etc.created by themselves and should not see the bookmarks, stories etc. created by other users.

      I have been trying the following:

      Resource filter: App.Object_*

      Actions: Create, Read


      Conditions: !resource.App.stream.Empty() and resource.App.HasPrivilege("read") and (resource.objectType = "userstate"  or ((resource.objectType = "story" and story.owner=user) or (resource.objectType ="bookmark" and bookmark.owner=user) or resource.objectType = "snapshot"  or  resource.objectType = "embeddedsnapshot"  or resource.objectType = "hiddenbookmark")) and !user.IsAnonymous()


      But this rule removes the capability of Users to create book marks, stories etc.

      Can anyone point out where i am going wrong?