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    I need private lessions payed on Qlik Sense Dekstop and Server



      I need to undersand how to realize advanced and performing scripts in Qlik Sense Dekstop and Server in 1 month to implement a prototype of management for a University in italy.


      I'm searching for some good Qlik Developer (almost 2 year of experience) who can teach me (with method of private lessions payed)

      (now i use the Dekstop relise but next mounth i start to use QlikSense Server).


      I prefer to comunicate with Skype (if you want also with Teamvier, Webex).

      I work during the day, so I'm free after 18:00 and during the weekend.


      If you are interested, write a message to er@tiscali.it and to info@progettostile.com

      try to call me or write a message at: +393 351 421 897 and +393 4 61 409 93 6


      Thanks, see you soon