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    Really want this to work - substringcount() and aggr()

    John Wildanger

      aggr(concat(SelectedValue1), GroupValue1) returns a single value as GroupValue1 is the same for all records.  The value is 'ABC'.


      Value1 is a field that can be A, B, C or D.


      The following calculated dimension fails to return a value:

      =SubStringCount(aggr(concat(SelectedValue1), GroupValue1), Value1)


      However, the following both return the correct value, 1 in the first case and 0 or 1 in the second case:

      =SubStringCount(aggr(concat(SelectedValue1), GroupValue1), 'A')

      =SubStringCount('ABC', Value1)


      I can put part of the expression that fails to return a value into a variable and it works in QlikView.  However, I need to have this work in Sense and its variable handling is not as powerful.


      Does anyone see something I can change to get the full expression to work?