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    Unable to increase the Width of object while exporting object to ppt

    sagar kharpude



      I am using the macro to export the object to ppt. But i am not able to increase the width of the object in macro. I am using the below code for top, width, height, etc.


      ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TX150").CopyBitmapToClipboard ' Issue Description

      with PPSlide.Shapes.PasteSpecial(3)

      PPSlide.Shapes(PPSlide.Shapes.Count).Left = 10

      PPSlide.Shapes(PPSlide.Shapes.Count).Top = 430

      PPSlide.Shapes(PPSlide.Shapes.Count).width = 3

      PPSlide.Shapes(PPSlide.Shapes.Count).height = 29


      end with


      Can someone please help me?