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    Qlikview - QMC Audit on Userdocs

    Thomas Jäger



      I try to analyse changes made in QMC. Therefore I enabled the Managementservice audit which provides detailed information on changes made in QMC by user, date and document. (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\AuditLog)


      Source Documents

      So far I got a clear picture on changes made to any SourceDocument for each day.


      User Documents

      When it comes to changes made on User Doc level I'm not able to get any information from the logs stored in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\AuditLog.



      Is there any chance to see (e.g) if and when an administrator changed the authorization type in the Tab "User Documents"?


      Setup and Version

      - QMS and QDS are running on one server.

      - The QVS is running on a seperate machine.

      - Actual version is 11.20.13405.0


      I'm looking forward to your suggestion(s)


      Thanks in advance