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    I am looking for "Fiscal week number of Qtr"

      I am looking for "Fiscal week number of Qtr" so it would be like FY17 Q1 - Wk1 to FY17 Q1 - Wk13 for Q2 it would be FY17 Q2 - Wk1 to FY17 Q2 - Wk13 and so on for Q3 and Q4. I am using web version of qlik sense so need expression so that i can use it as Dimension in report. I have "Created date" as dimension and i want expression to modify it so that it shows Fiscal week number of Quarter. Also my fiscal year starts from April and First saturday of april. Same goes for Quarter, first saturday of Qtr start month (Apr,Jul,Oct,Jan) would be first day of quarter.