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    Rank() within a specific dimension when you have multiple ones



      I am new to Qlik and trying to solve the following issue.


      I have a table with two dimensions, one with the entry's unique ID, and one with a category, as in the example below.



      My goal is to create a new column with a ranking of 'Score' - my measure - per category:




      If I use the expression


      I get a column of ones, as the command takes the most granular dimension (Unique ID) as the default one. If I use


      Rank(TOTAL Score)

      It obviously returns a ranking regardless of all the dimensions. By reading the documentation and similar questions asked by other users I reckon that it should be possible to specify which dimension to use for TOTAL, with the following syntax:

      Rank(TOTAL <Category> Score)


      Yet, the formula returns an error and only null column values. I've tried different syntax, use of brackets but I still cannot grasp what I am doing wrong.


      Please note that I cannot create the ranking column when loading the data.

      I would immensely appreciate if someone were so kind to help on this!