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    Quick Question with likely an Easy Answer, but Urgent!


      disclaimer: this is my second day in qlikview, and I'm working on my own

      I have a straight table in QlikView, with a few data categories including Product, Sales ($), # Orders, Avg Price, etc. Right now as a simplified example the table reads like this for two orders of shoes and two orders of bags:

      Shoes 4.50 1 4.50
      Bag 3.20 1 3.20
      Shoes 5.50 1 5.50
      Bag 1.80 1 1.80

      However, I need to condense this information so that when I sort by Product, it reads:

      Shoes 10.00 2 5.00
      Bag 5.00 2 2.50

      ...thereby combining the shoes orders together into one table row.

      I don't know how else to explain it than with that example. I have thousands of rows of data in my straight table right now, but if I can condense the information like so it would only be about 20 rows. How do I do this? I feel like it should be in the "expression", but I can't think of anything to change.

      I only have tonight to figure it out so I hope someone can help out! Thank you!!!!

      -qlkvw n00b