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    Pivot Table Simple Sorting Question!


      Hopefully, but not definitely, my last question:

      I have a pivot table with four dimensions and two expressions. The most important dimension is "Customer" and the second applicable one is "Order ID". The applicable expression is "Sales".

      I have this table being sorted correctly, so that the customer with the highest total sales appears first in my chart. I did this by selecting sort by Y-Value for my Customers dimension in the Sort tab.

      I now need to make the exact same chart except with "Product ID" instead of "Order ID". I copy and paste the chart object into a new tab, and change the Order ID column to Product ID. Sadly, the Sort by Y-Axis box that is still checked for the Customer dimension is now sorting my customers alphabetically instead of by Sales! It doesn't seem that Customers are "linked up" with Sales anymore, so that Y-axis box isn't working right. I can't figure out why. Everything else in Properties seems to be the same between the two charts, but I must have missed something.