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    Critical Issue with QMC Utilities Requires Immediate Attention

    Jeffrey Goldberg

      It is with regret that I inform folks who downloaded QMC Utilities that there is a catastrophic bug that will render a Qlik Sense environment inert on the client side.  The issue stems from our attempt to create a separate service dispatcher service from the one Qlik Sense uses while using the same executable to do so.  The consequence of this decision is when the Qlik EAPowertools Service Dispatcher service started, it stopped the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher.



      It is our goal to release as bug free as we can, and in this case we failed miserably.  We will do better next time.



      Please uninstall QMC Utilities as soon as possible.  In addition, you will need to remove the Qlik EA Powertools Service Dispatcher service.  Below are instructions on how to uninstall QMC Utilities and remove the service from Windows services.



      Uninstall QMC Utilities

      1. Navigate to the QMCUtilities folder in EAPowertools directory.  By default this is located at C:\program files\Qlik\Sense\EAPowertools.



      2. Open the Uninstall folder and double click the unins000.exe file to start the uninstall.



      3. Walk through the uninstall wizard to uninstall QMC Utilities.



      Remove the Qlik EA Powertools Service Dispatcher Service

      1. Open a command prompt as an administrator.



      2. Enter the following into the command line: sc delete QlikEAPowerToolsServiceDispatcher.



      3. When the service is deleted, a success message will appear.




      4. If the service delete fails, go to the services snapin, stop the Qlik EAPowerTools Service Dispatcher service and set it to *disabled*.



      5. Start the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher if it is not started.



      Download and install QMC Utilities from here: QMCUtilities.