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    Slider object - Linked to Dates - Need to set upper and lower limits

      Hi - hope someone can help

      I have an application up and running in which i select the 'Event Date' using a multi value slider object limked to the 'Even Month'


      e.g. I set boundaries between Mar 2009 and Feb 2010


      This works absolutley fine.

      I have data in the app going back to 2005, and the upper and lower limits of the slider seem to automatically set themselved to the earliest and latest Event Month.

      Now - I want to limit the slider rand to Sep 2009 - Mar 2010, without having to remove the data outside of these dates.

      I've tried playing with the Min Value and Max Value fields, but these only seem to come into effect when the Continuous/Numeric value option is ticked, if i do this it stops displaying the slider as a date and instead shows it as a number.

      Can anyone advise how i would go about limiting the values on the slider, whilst retaining the date/month format?

      Thanks in advance