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    Latency with multiple concurrent users


      Hi guys,

      We are seeing latency (upto 4-5 mins) when we have 20 users on the system at the same time for a qvd approx 2 gig in size. CPU stats during time are periodic spikes and RAM usage is approx 50 GB out of total 155 GB. Our plan is to expand this out to 150 users. Do any of you guys have this big user base with an app this size?

      It looks like QV starts queuing queries after a particular number of users. Any insights or experience will be helpful.


      Memory Allocation ~54 / 152 gig of ram

      Intel Xeon E7450 2.4GHZ 4 Processors

      64 Bit
      155 G Ram
      Windows Server 2008 R2