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    Dynamic filtering

    Daniel Szentivany



      I started creating a dynamic dashboard. The first issue that Im facing is that i want to have a selectable time period for data submission and in turn recalculate all the visualizations to the 'current' state.


      The first visualization I wanted to prepare this way is to calculate count of current active contracts for individual subscribers. Active contract is a contract that has been updated during the last 3 months (has available snapshots).


      In my example it would be:


      count (distinct (if(SnapshotDate>=addmonths(now(),-3), ContractCode)))


      This gives me a measure I can use along with dimension SubscriberName, to see how many contracts are active right now.


      I want to use similar measure for any selected time period through filtering SnapshotDate. If I select Jan - May 2015, I want to count all the contract with SnapshotDate >= addmonths ('2015-05-01',-3)


      So far I found only this answer:



      if(Left(GetFieldSelections(SnapshotDate),3) = 'NOT',

      max({<SnapshotDate-={$(=SubField(GetFieldSelections(SnapshotDate),'NOT ',2))}>} SnapshotDate),

      max(SnapshotDate)), -3)


      But I am unable to use it in the same way I am using the simple measure above, not even as a variable.


      I am unable to come up with the solution myself as I am pretty new to Qlik Sense. Id very much appreciate any help!