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    Year on Year change based on months selection

      Hi, I have a data set which looks a little like the table below. This is completely hypothetical but the structure of the data is pretty much the same.


      Touch MonthCampaignCellIncome TotalFlows TotalHH TotalType
      01/01/2014Camp1Cell 110020020Type 1
      01/01/2015Camp1Cell 122034040Type 1
      01/01/2015Camp1Cell 212021020Type 1
      01/02/2015Camp2Cell 121034050Type 3
      01/01/2016Camp2Cell 127042070Type 3
      01/05/2016Camp7Cell3750125075Type 2


      Now, what I want to do is to find out the year on year change (%) based on the selection of the month. For instance, if I have no selection for campaign or cell and I select Income total as my parameter of interest with selection of touch months 01/01/2016,01/02/2016 and 01/03/2016, I get the Year on Year change W.R.T 2015 for these months and if say I select just may of 2016 as my touch month the Y-o-Y change should reflect just between may 2016 and may 2015.


      Is there a way to do it?

      Thank you.


      P.S: I'm just a few weeks old in terms of the qlik environment.


      Edit 1: I'm trying to figure the year on year change for Average Income (i.e, Income Total/HH Total).