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    Traffic Light Gauge Settings

      I'm trying to set different goals based on the location. So the green on the gauge would start at a different spot depending on the location. Below is an example of what I'm trying to do. The gauge is being shown within a column in a table chart with the location as the dimension. Using the formula below it is just showing green starting at .5 for all locations. Thanks in advance!




        • Traffic Light Gauge Settings
          Neil Miller

          Is LocationShortNM supposed to be the selected value in that field? Or do you have multiple guages for different values (and then use Set Analysis in the expressions)?

          The problem you are having is that these setting are not reevaluated for each record.

          If you want to base it off selections, use an expression like:

          if(GetFieldSelections(LocationShortNM) = 'ANW', 0.814,
          If(GetFieldSelections(LocationShortNM) = 'BUF', .9, .5))

            • Traffic Light Gauge Settings

              No good....

              I created a variable in the script that assigned a value based on the Location. When I pull that variable into the table chart expressions it shows the correct value corresponding to each row (Location). The variable works.

              When I enter the variable name into the Guage Settings - Lower Bound value and apply it just fills all green (I tried switching to the circular gague so that I can see the value in the field is correct).

              So, I'm still having an issue of having the lower bound in the gauge adjust based on the location.