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    Creating multiple charts in a single sheet with their own filters

    P R

      Hi There-


      My client wants to see a report where there are multiple bar charts on one page each showing something different. There could be 20 of these bar charts and they will need to be able to scroll down one single sheet and see each one. Each bar chart needs to have its own list box of filters that only effects that one bar chart.


      They don't want multiple tabs. they want one single sheet that can scroll down to show many pages.


      So two questions:


      1. Is it possible to have multiple charts on one sheet with their own filter box? I noticed if I tried to create multiple bar charts and put them in their own containers with their own list box filters, if I changed the filter for one chart, it effected every chart.


      2. If the above is possible, can I have one single sheet that scrolls down to show many pages that contain all these bar charts?


      I have included a slide from a power point deck that shows what I am talking about. Basically they want to replicate this, so imagine a powerpoint deck with maybe 10 slides. each slide has 2 or 3 bar charts with their own filters and you can scroll down through each slide and adjust filters for each bar chart without it effecting the rest of the bar charts.


      I hope this makes sense.