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    incremental load and deleting older date from QVD

    Fikri Shihab

      Hi Qlikview experts


      Still learning Qlikview tips. I have big QVD file containing over 12 million records and this file will keep growing as data is appended on regular basis.

      I need to limit the QVD file so that it is still manageable and only contains 4 weeks worth of data.


      I am appending the QVD file with new csv file and just need to append the data from the latest date (e.g. today) and keep the total data to the last 4 weeks only and store them back to new QVD file. So the older date (records) in QVD file will need to be deleted.


      What is the criteria that i need to add when loading QVD file and the new csv file.


      Thanks for help