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    Calculated Dimension in QlikSense

    Venelin Dimitrov

      Hi everybody,

      I created Calculated Dimension in QlikSense , but I got error message for Invalid Dimension. I want to show only zero sales and next to suppress null values in the table. I tried with next calcualted dimension :

      IF(sum(Sales) = 0 , Product, null() ) 

      In expression tab this statement works properly. Version of QlikSense is 2.2.4.

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          Sunny Talwar

          You need an aggr() function when you do some kind of aggregation in the script. Try this may be:


          Aggr(If(Sum(Sales) = 0, Product), Product)


          Or add other dimensions if you are checking Sum(Sales) = 0 over multiple dimensions. For instance you want to show products by year


          Aggr(If(Sum(Sales) = 0, Product), Product, Year)

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              Zhihong He

              Hi, Sunny,

              I have a same requirement. And adding Aggr() does make the expression valid in Qliksense, but the if function does not work correctly. Your answer actually missed the "else" of the if case. I found another answer here:
              calculated dimension in qliksense

              Also did not figure out the correct expression.


              I tried/tested as following, but has no luck

              only $(=fieldname) or Month, works

              =if(GetSelectedCount(fieldname)=1, $(=fieldname), Month) // if case works, else does not work

              $(=if(GetSelectedCount(fieldname)=1, fieldname, Month)) // if case works, but the else case dose not work

              Aggr(if(GetSelectedCount(fieldname)=1, $(=fieldname), Month), fieldname) //available expression, both if and else does not work

              Can you pls have a  check?




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                  Sunny Talwar

                  Have you created a new thread for this? What is $(=fieldname)? why do you need that? I guess I don't really understand what you are trying to do here.... so it would be better if you can create a new thread and post a sample so that its easy for us to understand what exactly are you looking for.




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                Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                Qlik Sense doesn't take Calculated Dimensions.

                Maybe take your expression in script and make it as a Dimension?

                IF(sum(Sales) = 0 , Product, null() ) as NewProduct

                And use New Product in front end as your Dimension.

                I'm not sure if Aggr will work in script or no. I guess Aggr or Set functions won't work.