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    AVG() problem in TOTAL EXPRESSION

      Dear All,

      I'm getting crazy with it !

      I've OrderTable with Header and Position and I'm just calculating the lead time (GoodIssueDate - InsertOrderDate) grouping it by country.

      Basically I need to have an avg lead time calculation :

      And I put an expression Avg(GoodIssueDate - InsertOrderDate) and it works if I select "Average" under "Total Mode" on the Expressions tab

      If I select Total Expressions it give me wrong result. Problem is that if I have all the line orders items result is ok, if I have it grouped by country it give me a wrong result.

      Just look to the attachment and last folder u see blank table with column AVGTOT (Total Expression) and AVGAVE (average of figure)

      I tried with avg(TOTAL <some fields>... but it doesn't works

      Any Idea ?