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    DTAP promotion process in QlikSense

      Hi All,

      Do you have any suggestions how to promote qliksense apps between dev/test and production environment?


      We use QDF and our promotion process with QlikView is very straight forward. The QDF folders are stored in file servers. One file server for dev/test and another for production. We develop in one environment then move the .qvw and other related files by copying the files to the "test" QDF structure. After testing we move the files to the "production" QDF in another file server. This works fine.


      Now, we installed a single dev/test node and a single production node with QlikSense. We use the same QDF in qliksense to re-use QVD files and so on. Now, how do we do the promotion from dev/test node to production node? Should we copy the QVF files from one server to the other? Apps are saved in the same server and not in file servers. Should we use file servers here as well? How do you do? Do you know any good documentation regarding this?


      Br Cris