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    using function Qualify and Unqualify Statment

      please give answer to use PEEK or any function within Qualify and Unqualify statement. below is eg script


      QUALIFY *;



      LOAD Year,


           PEEK(Sales) As PeekfuncWrk



      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


      UNQUALIFY *;


      result is NULL as done with below experiments

      1. PEEK(Sales) As PeekfuncWrk

      2. PEEK('Sales') As PeekfuncWrk

      3. PEEK(funcPEEKtbl.Sales) As PeekfuncWrk

      4. PEEK('funcPEEKtbl.Sales') As PeekfuncWrk

      5. PEEK(funcPEEKtbl.Sales,-1,funcPEEKtbl) As PeekfuncWrk

      6. PEEK('funcPEEKtbl.Sales',-1,'funcPEEKtbl') As PeekfuncWrk


      but PEEK function works correctly without Qualify statment