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    How to setproperties of a master dimension (engine API, qsocks)

    Karthik Srinivasan


      I want to use qsocks to update an existing master dimension. I'm unable to make the change. Can you please let me know what is wrong here?


      These are the steps I followed:

      1. Launch QS Desktop

      2. Create a new app called 'QlikCommunityTest.qvf'

      3. Use ctrl+00 to load the demo script

      4. Create a new master dimension with the field 'Dim1' and id as ' mydimid1' using the "dimension.js" in the qsocks examples folder.

      5. Now, I'd like to update this master dimension to read from 'Dim3'. To achieve this I run this HTML in the browser




          <script src="https://rawgit.com/mindspank/qsocks/master/qsocks.bundle.js"></script>



          const applicationName = 'QlikCommunityTest.qvf';

          const var_dimid = 'mydimid1';


          qsocks.Connect().then(function(global) {

              global.openDoc(applicationName).then(function(app) {

                  app.getDimension(var_dimid).then(function(dim1) {


                  qInfo: {

                      qId: 'mydimid1',

                      qType: 'dimension'


                  qDim: {

                      qGrouping: 'N',

                      qFieldDefs: 'Dim3',

                      qFieldLabels: 'DimMastertempnew',

                      title: 'mydimid1'


                  qMetaDef: {

                      title: 'mydimid1'













      I do not see any change to my master dimension.