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    Web Integration/Write-back with Sense



      I'm looking to embed Qlik Sense visuals within a Web page that also contains some data input elements (Free text, Radio Buttons etc.). Is it possible to link the Qlik visuals to the data input and have them change instantly once it's been updated please?





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          Andy Weir

          The Qlik Associative data model that underlies the charts is refreshed on server reload so to answer your question it depends on whether the data input requires an instant response.


          I believe with View (not seen it for Sense but see no reason why not) you can include real time data connections into your data model note you will not gain any of the speed you have from the Qlik model as its not loaded in memory but rather called directly from the data source and will be beholden to its availability and load performance. (not recommended)


          If you don't need to store the user input then you can use extensions from Qlik branch to provide the input into your web pages and update the visualisations instantly.


          If not you are beholden to the time it takes to reload the underlying data into the model.


          Hope this helps.






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            Andy Weir

            its called

            Direct Discovery or direct query if you want to know more about real time connection.