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    Qlik Sense Mulit-Node on Google Cloud

    Alex Hausmann

      Hi All


      I installed on google cloud three windows 2012 with qlik sense 3.0 on it (one of them as central node) and two rim nodes.

      Now my question is do I need a windows domain controller to be able to add the rim nodes to the central node? Do my services need therefore to run under the same windows service account?


      I get an error message when I try to reach from the QMC and adding a rim node (cant reach service on port 4444).

      All port are open between the servers and I can ping/telnet port from central to rim.


      Any ideas?


      best regards


        • Re: Qlik Sense Mulit-Node on Google Cloud
          Simon Minifie

          Hi Alex,


          No at all, although the serverice account does need to be a local admin.

          Communication between nodes works on trusted certificates, so you need to add the rim nodes in the QMC.

          Once the central node has passed the certificates to the rim nodes you'll be issued with a password to enter on the rim node to install the certificates locally.

          Once that's done, restart the services and you should see the rim node coming to life via the QMC.


          best regards,